We live, we love, we grow New Orleans

NOLAdex is simply a digital rolodex – a collection of the many talented people of Greater New Orleans. We inspire one another. We see talent in each other. We connect with each other.

This project was created by the generous volunteers who participated in the second day 'Hack Day' of BarCampNola4 on the weekend of July 16-17, 2011. This site is further maintained by gnocode.


Weston McWhorter

I organize communities for creatives to grow and thrive.

I build interactive experiences which hopefully make life better.

I teach my children how to be the best humans they can be.


Harry Graham

I create Functional Design

I create Photographs


Jay Skillz

I create mixtapes to help artists gain promotion outside of the city.

I create good times using music that leaves you sweating your hair out.

I create relationship articles based on my personal experiences and the things i observe daily.

Maya g

Maya Galeas

I organize events

I build brands

I create opportunities


Fresh Johnson

I create pretty weddings and radio commercials

I organize communications for as well as all my nail polishes...OCD

I build healthy relationships and solid networks amongst my peers


LaTesha Charbonnet Gonzales

I teach New Orleans culture.

I organize living in New Orleans.

I create New Orleans networks.


Sarah Baird

I organize learning revolution(s).


Daniel Fairley

I create sweet codes for games

I build my sweet projects in my ide

I heal all broken hearts


Hunter Haydel

I create Stuff

I create more stuff

I teach idk lol


Chris Schultz

I create community for entrepreneurs.

I organize educational and fun events.

I teach work hard play hard.


Paul Henry

I build great/useful possibilities

I create fun

I heal loneliness


Adam Clarke

I build stuff

I create broken dreams

I organize absolutely nothing. seriously. i'm a mess


Jak Locke

I organize vibrations of air into songs and letters of the alphabet into stories.

I create more projects than I can typically keep up with.

I create chemical reactions, or maybe they create me.


Zach LaPlante

I create VFX



Liz Tuazon

I create Branding Strategies for Businesses and People

I build Personas for companies.

I organize Digital Media channels.


Joseph DeLoach

I create Positive environments for people to grow and learn.


Colette Bennett

I create written content for blogs and businesses.

I build communities of people with similar interests.

I organize ideas into words into print.


Melissa Gurdian

I build my social media networks

I organize outings and events with friends

I create new opportunities to meet people

Hip hop toy drive 2

Definition DJ Chris Stylez

I teach you how to Wobble, Dougie, or DJ.

I organize the soundtrack to your event!

I create the bomb house parties and livin' up events.

Whats the dill

Katy Tackett

I create your favorite blog about pickles!

I build a collection of pickle vendors and pickle news

I teach you how to make your own pickles!


Dominique Donoghoe

I create whimsy

I build brands

I organize life into delectable bite-size pieces


Alyson Kilday

I create ideas

I create designs that communicate

I create my own world everyday


Gary Granata, PhD, RD, LDN, CLT

I teach Fuel-Move-Rest: Lifestyle skills for personal wellness and physical performance

I heal people with food sensitivities

I create delicious food inspired by my own Culinary Chaos

Noladex (400x400)

Molly Oehmichen

I organize communities

I create stories about startups.

I teach how to take over the world with a smile


Mendel Lee

I create acoustic and electronic music.

I organize time using the medium of sound (and occasionally video).

I teach life concepts in the context of marching band and other music.

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 4.22.28 pm


I build 123

I organize 123

I teach 123


Josh Densen

I teach , but really I learn.

I build upon the great work of others.

I create Bricolage - a school for the creative class.



I create meta profiles.

I build a network of New Orleans talent.

I teach the world what New Orleans has to offer.


April Stolf

I heal Your Mind, Body, Spirit

I create LOVE!!!!!

I teach Meditation, Motivation, Manifestation


Lauren McCabe

I build strategies to measure how behavior moves business.

I create beautiful novels about dream hungry mermaids.

I create content that strikes the pulse of communities.