We live, we love, we grow New Orleans

NOLAdex is simply a digital rolodex – a collection of the many talented people of Greater New Orleans. We inspire one another. We see talent in each other. We connect with each other.

This project was created by the generous volunteers who participated in the second day 'Hack Day' of BarCampNola4 on the weekend of July 16-17, 2011. This site is further maintained by gnocode.


Tiffany Napper

I create buzz!

I build stronger brands through PR, social media & videos

I create smiles on people's faces


Mike Kennedy

I create fun, excitement, diversion

I organize business, marketing, leadership

I teach success, fitness, happiness


Bryan Bailey

I create stories that inspire.

I heal with fun and laughter.

I organize field trips.


The Revivalists

I organize individual parts into a unified whole

I organize energy into sound

I create music


Tim Ryan

I create digital content for social media

I create brand identity

I create customer engagment


Benjamin Reece

I create commercials & business for Deltree

I build Kinio, a simple video monetization platform

I heal worn down souls, including my own.


Chris Reade

I create change, hopefully for good.

I build things that make a real difference to real people.

I teach what few things I know to anyone fool enough to listen.


Andrew V. Tuozzolo

I build freedom.

I create stories about leadership.

I organize communities to stir it up.


Ben Lavender

I build the softwares

I create beautiful defects


Annick Juneau

I heal massage

I heal Reiki

I heal hypnosis

Noladex avatar

Chapman Snowden

I create more solutions than problems

I build tools that help people improve

I organize those who have something to say

Grant portrait columns

Grant Morris

I create web radio regular radio & podcasts

I build a community radio network

I create make people laugh & like each other


Benjamin C. Varadi

I heal conflict (when possible).

I organize our office at 650 Poydras St., Ste 1535, NOLA and was required to tell you that per La. R. Prof. Conduct 7.6(b)(2).

I build creative economies and regional communities.



I create digital magazines

I build opportunities for small business

I teach creative visualization techniques


Shawn Davenport

I build things on the intarwebs


David Wadleigh

I build trust, computers,networks, websites

I create comedy, IT strategy & architecture

I organize people, information, technology


Erick Greene

I create music, brand awareness, awkward conversation

I build social campaigns/advertising, artist promotions, bookshelves


simon mabile

I create images, moving or still

I teach aesthetic composition


Carol Locke

I build brands on a budget.

I create small business success stories.

I organize a team of crazy-good designers and developers.


Martin Roth

I create ideas.

I build start-ups.

I organize entropy.



I create Comic Book Art

I create Portraits

I create Flying Zombies Webcomic


Douglas Finley

I create instructions. Browsers listen. You should too.

I build umms techmology

I organize in disarray or hash


Lizzie Ford-Madrid

I create Short Films and Music Videos

I create Photographs

I create Prints

Laura & bianca web

Laura Bergerol

I create beautiful photos

I organize photographers to help the world

I teach children about light and photos


Candy Chang

I create public art and design

I build tools to make our neighborhoods more ours

I heal the hangovers

Self-portrait august 2011

Kristin Fouquet

I create Literary Fiction: flash fiction, short stories, novellas

I create Photography: fine art, street shots, portraits

I create Hats: pillboxes, cocktails


New Orleans Psychic Cari Roy

I create better lives for others

I heal limiting beliefs and behaviors

I teach ways to happiness and fulfillment

James a. reeves

James A. Reeves

I create typography, cities, and chivalry.


Scott Campbell

I create art & music

I teach screen printing

I create visual identity for companies, bands, and individuals


Serina Phoenix

I build business connections through the Chamber of Commerce

I create marketing and event gold