We live, we love, we grow New Orleans

NOLAdex is simply a digital rolodex – a collection of the many talented people of Greater New Orleans. We inspire one another. We see talent in each other. We connect with each other.

This project was created by the generous volunteers who participated in the second day 'Hack Day' of BarCampNola4 on the weekend of July 16-17, 2011. This site is further maintained by gnocode.



I build websites for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Chris Boyd

I build high-performance enterprise web apps.

I create amazing apps for iPhone and iPad.

I teach people how to move to New Orleans.


Bradley Warshauer

I create words with meaning.

I create stories.

I build copy for anything that needs it.


Gerard Ramos

I create experiences

I build startups

I organize fun


Peter Bodenheimer

I create more joy than misery (hopefully)

I build whatever I can whenever I have the opportunity to

I heal through tempered grumpiness & giving a shit


Zakcq Lockrem

I build better urban places.

I organize communities to create their future


Juley Thuy Le

I create small businesses from a variety of passions.

I organize a team of techies in software development.

I build buzz for Southern food + style + culture.

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Jeff Madison

I create connections between people.

I build relationships, businesses & a better New Orleans.

I teach whenever I must and learn whenever I can.

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Studio Vieux Carre

I create family Heirlooms.


Rock the Diamond Events

I create unique weddings.

I organize your special day.

I create a party that will leave your guests in awe.

Black & white flowers

Kim Starr Wise

I create flower fantasies.

I create exquisite weddings.

I create beautiful things.


Atelier NOLA | photography

I create extraordinary bridal photography

I create Creative/Art Direction for NOLA Wedding Guide

I create memories


Sarah Repass

I create Plebu, a website builder that works on any device.

I organize my thoughts at Audubon Zoo.


Darrell Roth

I create Digital marketing for small businesses

I build Social Media pages via customization

I teach Entrepreneurs how to bootstrap

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Jenny Karubian

I create social media campaigns

I teach Sociology and Anthropology

I build Qualitative research studies.


Chad West

I create beautiful portraits.

I build websites and Wordpress themes


Francesca Brennan

I build houses. I build dreams. I build community. I re--build New Orleans.

I create family spaces. I create neighborhoods. I create New Orleans' future.

I heal neighborhoods. I heal blight. I heal old houses. I heal vacant lots.


Juan Cruz

I organize movements and social change

I build organizations and teams

I create health and human service programs


Chris Boudy

I organize 0's and 1's

I build robots

I heal like Wolverine

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Lester Perryman

I create music

I teach music and audio engineering

I organize non-profits



I create Music

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Gabrielle Chapin

I create masterful photographs and paintings...whilrwinds of energy...and yummy breakfast.

I heal with movement, discussion, and in unexpected beautiful moments.

I create love.


Gilbert Bennett

I build homes from blight

I heal neighborhoods through re-marketalization of blighted property

I organize Funding opportunities for other real estate investors

Dr. karen slaton 015

Karen Slaton

I heal with psychotherapy, coaching and hypnosis.


Dominique Ellis

I create marketing, social media and public relations campaigns and strategies.

I build communities, online and off.

I organize your troops.


Patricia G. Alexander

I build the NOLA-centric blog: "A Little More Than Local"

I teach culture

I create discussions about New Orleans with photos and articles

Trying hard

Travis Laurendine

I create Startups

I build Tools to make life/business easier

I organize Entertainment Events and Projects

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I create Designs

I create Ideas

I organize Peace


Robert Haynes

I organize and manage REi

I build new ideas in hospitality

I create change


Shira Pinsker

I create excitement

I build community

I organize events